Canova Bancorp Inc. is a private British Columbia firm providing specialty corporate finance advisory and investment banking transactional services to the middle market, with a particular focus on smaller companies. We are well positioned to meet the needs of the marketplace, and our professionals have broad-based experience in operating management, strategic planning, forecasts and projections, informal valuations, acquisition due diligence, dispositions, financial transaction structuring and re-capitalizations, as well as debt and equity financing.

Canova’s associates have a strong track record of advising companies on a diverse range of corporate finance and investment banking matters. The need for such advice is very pronounced in situations where company size will typically not attract the interest or senior-level attention of larger investment banking firms. Our core competence lies in the ability to add value for these smaller companies that do not possess any internal corporate finance resources. In addition to providing the process expertise that is required, we can identify financing sources that are interested in smaller deals and present our clients as attractive opportunities.

For larger companies we can augment existing internal resources, provide meaningful objective advice, and help develop strategies.

Smaller companies often face special issues of capitalization, liquidity and growth. Canova’s foundation is based on its understanding of these unique challenges and needs – an understanding that has been gained through first-hand experience. All of our people have significant accounting, corporate finance and/or investment banking experience, and most have been self-employed or have worked in an environment where they have dealt with small businesses on a regular basis. As a result, we appreciate fully the strategic and financial hurdles our clients face because we have dealt with those same issues many times in the past. We have demonstrated an ability to create strong solutions in the face of these challenges.

Canova operates with an emphasis on teamwork and our clients can expect to draw upon the collective experience and knowledge of our entire team. We have a dedication to professionalism, thoroughness and analytical quality, and we emphasize a proactive approach to assignments. As a result we stand ready to meet the corporate finance needs of our clients, both in the near-term and over a period of many years to come.

Based in Vancouver, Canova serves clients throughout British Columbia, Alberta and the Pacific Northwest.

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Michael Duffy

Mr. Duffy has spent more than 25 years helping entrepreneurs and small businessmen understand the importance of capital and how the right capital structure can significantly improve their company's success.

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