Capital Raising

Capital Raising

Can the right type of capital properly structured and in the right amount help you get what want from your business?

Capital is the lifeblood of any business but more important than just the existence of capital is the type of capital and the terms and conditions that attach themselves to that capital because it is those rules that determine the ability of the business to use the capital effectively to fuel its success.

Canova Bancorp must make sensible decisions about the clients from whom we accept assignments, because we do not have the resources to work for every company that is interested in our services. We try to work with companies that display the best opportunity for succeeding, that understand the need to have professional help in reaching their goal, and that are willing to engage that help. We have developed our

CapitalAccessTM program, a comprehensive preparation and development process, to assist those companies.

CapitalAccessTM is a program that Canova Bancorp uses – 0nce it has worked with the client to determine how much, and what kind of capital will be best for ultimate success – for identifying qualified sources of the capital for its clients, and in some cases directing those capital sources right to the clients. This program utilizes the extensive research that we have completed over the past twenty years to identify capital sources, their investment and/or lending preferences and criteria, and their investment and/or lending process. In some cases we have already worked with those capital sources to complete transactions.  We work primarily with institutional financing sources, and with very sophisticated individual investors and/or lenders.   We do not work with retail or ‘angel’ financers because we believe that our clients need access to the patient capital that most sophisticated and institutional sources represent. In using the term ‘institutional’ capital sources, we include commercial banks, trust companies, mortgage companies, finance companies, asset-based lenders, venture capital companies, pension funds, investment companies, investment trusts, insurance companies etc.,

– all of whom have a declared interest in, and a track record of, making capital investments and/or loans.

If the situation warrants it, Canova Bancorp will proactively direct prospective capital sources to its’ clients.

Otherwise Canova Bancorp represents its clients, and only its clients, through every step of the capital search process, preparing or reviewing business plans and financial projections, completing a critique of marketing and sales strategies, undertaking informal business valuations, identifying prospective capital sources, and presenting to and carrying out negotiations with those sources. Canova Bancorp can equip you with a full package that is an effective tool to be delivered to potential capital sources effectively and economically.